Daemon Socket Transport Layer

Title:Daemon Socket Transport Layer
Authors:Kyle Sunden
Post-History:2020-04-14, 2020-04-21, 2020-07-02, 2021-01-18


This YEP defines the transport layer for yaq daemon communication as a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Socket. The contents of the data transfer are defined in YEP 107.

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This is a foundational piece of the yaq daemon infrastructure. TCP was chosen because it is ubiquitous, with interfaces in many languages and platforms. Additionally, the use of TCP/IP provides for the natural ability to use both local and remote daemons in the same experimental configuration.


Each Daemon opens up one TCP/IP port. This port SHOULD serve on ports 36000-39999. This range avoids collisions with most common port usage in other applications, however care should be taken to avoid conflicting with other programs on the host machines. Additionally, yaq ecosystem tools which scan to identify daemons will only look in this range by default.

This port is specified in the configuration file YEP 102.


This document is placed in the public domain or under the CC0-1.0-Universal license, whichever is more permissive.

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