This YEP defines the has-measure-trigger trait. Daemons implementing this trait allow measurement to be software triggered over the RPC.

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In many cases, it's relevant to tell a sensor "begin measurement now". This software triggered measurement pattern is very common. This trait standardizes this common sensor interface pattern within the yaq ecosystem.


This trait requires is-sensor: see YEP-302.

This trait defines the concept of "looping". When a sensor is looping, it should self-trigger the moment the previous acquisition is done. In certain cases, setting a sensor to looping makes client implementations much easier. Daemons will remain always busy while looping.

This trait defines the concept of a "measurement_id". This is an integer that should increase every time the measure message is called. get_measured returns this measurement_id as a channel.

config: loop_at_startup

type: boolean

default: false

If set to true, the daemon will begin to loop measure as soon as it starts. By using this config, users may ignore software triggering and treat this sensor as a pure asyncronus measurement device.

message: measure

parameter: loop: boolean parameter: loop: default: false

Initiate a measurement. Returns integer, measurement ID.

message: stop_looping

Stop looping measurement.


Discussion can be found on the gitlab issue for this YEP.


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